Using nano-catalyzed electrochemical technology, ELECLEAN turns water into disinfectant within 15 minutes. Water is the only additive and is directly converted to ROS (Reactive Oxygen Types) with strong anti-virus and antibacterial activity by oxidizing method. ELECLEAN is equipped with safety (no harmful chemicals and additives), strong effect against viruses, bacteria and fungi (microbiological efficacy proven by scientific studies), energy, freshness and convenience (easy to use and carry).
Ensure hygiene, stay safe and healthy! ELECLEAN is a portable device. You can carry it anywhere, anytime. Keep yourself hygienic and protected.
ELECLEAN, Disinfectant Device is a durable device and can use for many years. Eleclan Disinfectant Devices are designed as a lightweight, portable device that is extremely sensitive and convenient to carry anywhere, everywhere.
The ELECLEAN converts the oxygen atom in the water to Hydrogen Peroxide by increasing the time is only 15 minutes. It maintains its effectiveness for 72 hours. ELECLEAN, Disinfectant Device is used only with water, fresh disinfectant is produced from the water added to the device in just 15 minutes, salt, chemical additive, preservative and stabilizer are not added. ELECLEAN turns back into water after destroying viruses and bacteria and does not produce any chemical waste, so there is no risk of cancer, skin allergies and dermatitis, it can be used safely in newborn babies.